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Alternative Mr. Sack Ending

Listeners Jon and Bernie Attema sent us this:

Seven years ago, when MST3k was in its first revival, one of the most touted rewards was an MST mug, which was revealed to be a Tiki mug. As people started to receive them, many of us photoshopped images to celebrate our new mugs. The image at the URL was, admittedly, my idea. It was one of the first images that came to mind. My dad, Bernie Attema, did the actual work (since skill was involved). I hope you get a little chuckle out of this. Feel free to share and repost (or ignore it entirely), whatever you want to do with this tangentially related image. I'm really enjoying the show and hope it continues beyond the strips into the specials, the musicals, the regular cartoons, the commercials... BOGC, Jon Attema


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