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Michael Cohen

Is the co-writer/artist of Strange Attractors, a science fiction comic which ran for 17 issues from 1993-1995.

He is the editor and publisher of Mythography, a fantasy anthology which ran for 8 issues in 1995-1997, the editor of Forbidden Book from Renaissance Press, an anthology of short stories about magic as well as the editor of the Amelia Rules comic book  from Renaissance Press 2000-2007.

His 4-volume graphic novel called Tangled River, is available in English and Italian (and soon to be in German) and he's recently finished his fantasy graphic novel A Gathering of Spells. 

He is credited with co-creating the first comic book price guide.

Michael is also a composer. You can hear his songs on Bandcamp and his work is available for license or custom composition at


Jimmy Gownley

Jimmy Gownley is the New York Times  best-selling cartoonist of the Amelia Rules! series, the Dumbest Idea Ever, and 7 Good Reasons Not to Grow Up.


He has won the Children's Choice Book of the Year Award,and  the Cybil Award, as well as the San Diego One Book Award, and the Pennsylvania Library Association One Book Award. His books have been translated into ten languages.

In addition to this, Gownley has written several books for Disney Publishing worldwide, including titles featuring Zootopia, Tangled, and Donald Duck,

Harold Buchholz

Harold Buchholz writes and draws the humor comic strip Sweetest Beasts on Instagram and is Executive Producer and Writer on the Netflix comedy series Mystery Science Theater 3000. He is a member of the Writers Guild of America (WGA).

Harold previously was Senior Vice President of Archie Comics, overseeing their book and magazine publishing and distribution. He has taught 2D Animation and Animation History at the college level and was recently a guest speaker at the It’s a Wonderful Life 75th Anniversary Festival in Seneca Falls, New York in 2021.


Liz Sumner

Unpacking Peanuts producer Liz Sumner released her first podcast in 2018 titled I Always Wanted To where she interviewed people who are doing things that others long to do. Frequently praised for her interview skill, Liz loves to hear smart, passionate people talk about what they love. I Always Wanted To ran for nine series with over 70 episodes.


In 2021, Liz joined the Unpacking Peanuts team to help launch the project because she wanted to be associated with something this cool. She enjoys editing the show, planning its direction, and engaging with the fans.


She lives in a small medieval village in central Italy with her husband, Michael Cohen, and sings with the band Complicated People.

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